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Anyone who’s ever been in the hospital knows that things are always better when people show they care. Here’s a way for your group to show they care – by creating thoughtful hospital stay care packages.

A hospital stay is up there on life’s list of undesirable ways to spend your time, but it can happen to anyone. And while there’s not much anyone can do to change that, you can do something to help people who’ve found themselves stuck in the hospital for more than a day or two.

It’s called the Hospital Helpers Charity Workshop, and we’re proud to offer this meaningful event for any group who wants to give back in one of the most thoughtful ways we know of.

What is the Hospital Helpers Charity Workshop?

This is a team building workshop, believe it or not, but the focus is on giving back. When you’ve got the group galvanized for action towards a common cause like helping people with their stay in the hospital, teamwork is just built right in!

We get your group working together on the donation project, building important team skills that resonate with life back in the office. These include skills like:

  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Working with limited resources
  • Communication
  • Tapping into Creativity
  • Creative Problem Solving
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It’s All About Gathering Together to Give Back

When teams know they’re working towards a goal that will make a difference in people’s lives, they work hard to accomplish their goals. Our recipe for team building success is to give teams that common purpose, then place the right challenges before them.

In the case of the Hospital Helpers workshop, we all work together to create hospital stay care packages. Anyone who’s been in the hospital can tell you: it’s not fun! But it can be brightened just a little when you get a package from people who care – even if you’ve never met them!

Customized Hospital Stay Care Packages from Your Group

The hospital stay care packages can be customized to fit any group, any type of hospital, or any event or holiday. You wouldn’t think of these things yourself before going in for a hospital stay, so many people end up bedridden without these basic items. Having these items can make their time spent in the hospital a little more comfortable. Here are a few examples:

  • journal/sketchbook
  • lip balm/moisturizer
  • warm, cuddly socks
  • reading material
  • disposable toothbrush
  • mints (for unexpected visitors!)

We’ve had groups who wanted to support cancer patients somehow, so we customized their package contents and donations went to a local oncology center. Sometimes groups make chemo care packages.

Another set of hospital patients who need extra encouragement is one that’s made up of people who are in the hospital far from home. They don’t receive the benefit of frequent visits from friends or family so care packages like these can really help.

Ready to schedule a Hospital Helpers workshop for your group so you can give back in this most thoughtful of ways? Give us a call or fill out our quote form and we can get started today.

Past Clients

My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your Campfire Leadership workshop – things they can use professionally and personally.
The most valuable part of the workshop was that the managers learned the different communication styles of their colleagues. You could see light bulbs going off throughout the day as people realized why interactions with their peers occurred the way they did.
The facilitator was able to keep things moving and with such a large group he was able to keep them engaged!
Yesterday was magical! It was also productive, fun, educational and interesting. You have a true talent with people; breaking down their initial discomfort and hesitation, and bringing them out of their inhibitions with laughter and excitement.
Kaiser Permanente
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